Nomstrum is a laboratory-bred
monster designed to eat…


The Eugalp series is a series
that is mostly equipped
with basic 2 dimensional

House Of Plague

The House Of Plague series is the first game with horror features. The series is not based on scary elements.


The Etwenscher Series is the oldest game series from Us. It was first released by GARLIC ENTERTAINMENT in 2013.


The Nomstrum series
is about a creature
that is bred and tested
in the laboratory.

Rock Simulator

The Rock Simulator is a simulator series that attempts
to simulate the life and activities of a rock.



Since 2013 we develop video games and try to improve our game series further. We have developed over 30 games and still love to develop video games.

We thank all of you who have played our games and wish you lots of fun in the future.